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    • The ML Alignment & Theory Scholars (MATS) Program is an educational seminar and independent research program that aims to provide talented scholars with talks, workshops, and research mentorship in the field of AI alignment and safety. We also connect them with the Berkeley alignment research community. Our Summer Program will run Jun 17-Aug 23, 2024 and our Winter Program will run from early Jan, 2025.
      • The Constellation Visiting researcher program provides an opportunity for around 20 visitors motivated by reducing catastrophic risks from AI to connect with leading AI safety researchers, exchange ideas, and find collaborators while continuing their research from our offices in Berkeley, CA.
      • The Astra Fellowship pairs fellows with experienced advisors to collaborate on a two or three month AI safety research project. Fellows will be part of a cohort of talented researchers working out of the Constellation offices in Berkeley, CA, allowing them to connect and exchange ideas with leading AI safety researchers.

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