Arkose is a nonprofit with the mission of improving the safety of advanced AI systems. Our 30-45 minute calls help support machine learning professionals interested in AI safety research or engineering. We offer personalized advice to fit your level of interest and situation, whether you're an industry researcher or engineer, professor, or PhD student.

After discussing your specific needs and questions, we can:

  • Help you explore funding and job opportunities. Arkose keeps a list of grant opportunities, compute options, fellowships, and jobs: Resources is our public list.
  • Connect you to potential mentors and collaborators in industry or academia. Whether you're seeking senior researchers, PhD students, or industry or sabbatical connections, Arkose can introduce you to our experts.
  • Recommend a list of safety-related papers in your research area, and a shortlist of advanced AI safety materials.
  • Provide as-needed support for 6 months. We can help you clarify emerging options, follow up with your plans, and advise you of new resources.
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